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Welcome to New Norfolk High School

New Norfolk High School is a coeducational Years 7- 12 school in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley. With a strong learning program for students across all grade levels, we strive to ensure the best educational opportunities for all students. We are proud of our dedicated and passionate staff and the efforts that they go to support student success. In every class at all year levels, there is a clear focus on learning in a calm, positive and respectful environment.

The school has excellent facilities, including bright, well equipped classrooms and extensive, landscaped outdoor spaces and sporting fields.

All actions at New Norfolk High School are guided by our school values. These are:

Learning  Socialising Community
Aspiration We set postive goals for our learning and future. We take responsible risks. We aspire to expand our experiences. We encourage other to do well and set high goals. We are positive role models. We are the best version of ourselves. We work with the broader community to better New Norfolk for all. We set high expectations for ourselves, our community and the world we live in. We volunteer.
Respect We empathise with each other's learning needs. We listen patiently to each other. We allow ourselves and others to learn. We share ownership of, and responsibility for equipment. We act as a positive role model for others. We use positive and kind language. We care for ourselves and others. We think about the impact of our actions. We represent our school with pride. We use appropriate language online, at school and in the community. We take care of our environment. We respect rules, instructions and safety measures.
Courage We believe in ourselves and others. We show resilience in the face of challenges. We take positive risks and accept setbacks. We are upstanders and encourage our peers and friends to make good choices. We are honest with ourselves and with others. We encourage others to have a go in everyday life. We take opportunities as they arise. We strive to excel and demonstrate courage by always having a go. We welcome diversity and provmote community connectedness.
Growth We discover new learning strategies. We seek and act on feedback. We have a growth mindset. We ask questions to learn more and to seek clarification We can expand friendships and include others. We build and actively maintain positive relationships. We can make amends and fix relationships. We seek and set goals to improve our behaviour. We challenge ourselves to create new connections with our school and our community. We share our growth through future pathways to help others. We are excited to grow into active citizens of the Derwent Valley, Tasmania, Australia and the world.


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